LOCATION: Case Community Parks Soccer, 3v3 Headquarters 
TIME: 30 Minutes Prior to first game
PROCESS: Check-In (see process below).  If owe balance pay balance.  Receive Game Pass Card.  Show Referee Game Pass Card prior to each game.
REQUIRED: Teams not checking in will not receive points for games. 


1. Check in prior to your first game - will take less than 10 minutes if you've paid and have the roster form completed - click here.   ** IF you have a balance due, you MUST pay team balance of entry fee at check-in.  You will receive a "game pass card".  Show this to referees to demonstrate your team is checked in. 

2. Check in at the tournament headquarters at Case Community Parks (exact location TBD).

3. Download the event roster form for check-in.  Turn one copy in at check-in.  Keep one copy on your person for on field check-in. 

4. Turn in a medical waiver form - required for each player!  

5. Complete digital copy of Agreement Terms Now for faster check-in (or sign in person). 

6. Be sure to bring payment if you have not yet paid your balance.  Bring $5/game cash for referee fees.

7. Receive "game pass card" - you will receive this at check-in.  You will be present the "Game Pass Card" to your referee at each game to certify your team has "checked in".